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The two most important components of your soil are a high-energy organic material and a balanced, active microbial population.  Feed this soil with low-salt, natural nutrients and you have an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly growing environment.  These are the products that Humate International produces and sells.  Our granular and liquid HUMATEs are the highest energy organics commercially available and our BIOSYST microbial inoculants and support materials were the first to identify and fill the need for a broad-based and effective microbial soil environment.


The unique characteristics and benefits of our HUMATE and BIOSYST products are many, but the most significant are that they:

  • Complex nutrients and trace minerals to release them from the soil colloid.
  • Improve the uptake of nutrients through plant roots and leaves.
  • Build soil structure to eliminate layering and improve air and water movement.
  • Reduce the pressure from pathogens and insects.
  • Stimulate microbial activity to create a more active, “living” soil.
  • Cleanse the soil of toxins, both natural and man-made.
  • Eliminate the extremes of too much or too little soil moisture.


The HUMATE organics and BIOSYST microbial products from Humate International provide efficient nutrients in both granular and liquid forms and a broad spectrum of active and effective microorganisms. The results are a properly balanced soil, deep and massive root systems, and healthy, stress-resistant plants with the correct balance of nutrients and trace minerals.  These plants have an increased resistance to external stresses from pathogens and insects, require less nutrient inputs and water, and grow faster to a marketable size.

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