Our programs are built around our unique, high-energy HUMATE granular and liquid organics. But good soil management also requires a broad spectrum of active microbial populations working with these organics. Thus, we recommend these programs include our BIOSYST microbial inoculants and monthly biostimulants to further enhance plant/soil performance, promote soil bioremediation, suppress pathogens and disease, and provide many other efficiencies that result from the balanced, healthy soil environment that is created.

Several years ago we added a unique plant-based, “organic” fertilizer labeled PROBIOTIC to our product line. We blend this fertilizer with our granular HUMATE and calcium and sell this under the trademark, HUMATE Rejuvenator. Test work has demonstrated that our HUMATE Rejuvenator promotes a more balanced microbial population and better soil and plant health…and our customers report a decrease in the populations of nematodes and other insects. We also offer various liquid biostimulants, micronutrient chelates, and wetting agents based upon our HUMATE and a general-purpose insecticide, Agroneem Plus, which is registered with the EPA and certified for use in organic applications.
Our HUMATE is a unique raw material that is extracted from the soil in Florida. This is a totally natural, relatively young, organic material with extremely high activity (CEC = 900-1000 MEQ/100 grams). This unusually high cation exchange capacity is the primary reason our products are so effective and that they are effective at the low application rates we recommend.

Applications testing by independent authorities and universities and the results obtained by our customers have demonstrated the effectiveness of our HUMATE, BIOSYST, and related products and have given us a great deal of applications information.

We would be happy to explain how our products can benefit you and provide recommendations to meet your specific requirements.