Slow-release fertilizers, sized for general-purpose and greens-grade applications. The PROBIOTIC fertilizers are complex blends of plant materials plus urea in a unique, slow-release form and micronutrients designed to stimulate the natural fertility of the soil.

The PROBIOTIC technology is patented for use with HUMATE Ag to create a balanced, efficient, high-energy, low-stress soil environment.


PROBIOTIC is an aerobic fertilizer. It should, therefore, be applied to the top two inches of soil, using either a drop spreader or broadcast spreader, and worked into the soil. For best results on turfgrass, apply together with HUMATE Ag1635, preferably when verti-cutting, aerifying, or top-dressing. Lightly brush and/or water in. When applied at the specified rate, PROBIOTIC fertilizer will not burn.

Application rates and frequency

The initial application of PROBIOTIC on turfgrass should be 10 lb./1000 ft2. As your soil environment improves, slowly reduce this rate until you reach 5 to 6 lb/1000 ft2.

Each application should last at least four and more likely six weeks.

Available Packaging
  • 50 lb. bag
  • 1/2 ton tote bags
  • 1 Ton tote bags