Summary of Products.

Our HUMATE products are based upon a unique humic + fulvic acids raw material extracted from the soil. This is a natural, relatively young, high-energy material (CEC= 900–1000 MEQ/100g). HUMATE Ag is a line of insoluble granular products, in several particle sizes, for soil applications and an improved soil environment.

The liquid and soluble powder HUMATE products derived from the same humic + fulvic acids raw material. HUMATE Ls and As are used on their own, to complement our HUMATE Ag applications, and with liquid nutrients and are applied either on the soil or plant foliage.

A series of products, in customized blends, based upon PROBIOTIC granular fertilizer, HUMATE Ag, and calcium in specific combinations to meet individual needs. The HUMATE Rejuvenator products are designed to provide efficient, plant-based nutrients with some HUMATE Ag and create a balance between the bacterial and fungal populations in a high-energy, low-stress soil environment.

A Granular, Long-Lasting Solution for Bicarbonates, Salts, and High pH

HUMATE Stress Reliever

Seed germination, rapid root development, quick recovery from stress

A line of microbial products in dry-soluble form for infinite shelf life. These products are based upon mixtures of 15 to 25 species of soil microorganisms and the materials (enzymes, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.) to support these and the native microbial populations. The BIOSYST products create a balanced soil environment, promote plant health, and correct conditions such as algae, excess thatch, and black layer.

A new class of slow-release fertilizer designed to enhance the microbial life and natural fertility of the soil. The PROBIOTIC fertilizers are complex blends of specific plant materials, nitrogen and potassium in a unique, slow-release form, and micronutrients for total nutrient balance. PROBIOTIC technology is patented for use with HUMATE Ag to create a balanced, efficient, high-energy, low-stress soil environment.



A neem extract plus the active ingredient azadirachtin for use as a general-purpose insecticide. Applications testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of AGRONEEM against more than 200 species of insects. It is also effective against various types of nematodes. AGRONEEM is not toxic to beneficial organisms, animals, or humans. AGRONEEM is registered with the EPA (Registration No. 70310-1) and is listed by OMRI for organic use.