Although most of our customers are reluctant to let us publish their testimonials, they are more than willing to discuss the benefits they have seen from our products and programs. For those who have given us permission, we have selected several representative testimonials. These are presented on separate pages under the following headings:
  • Root Growth
  • Density & Color
  • Reduction in Fertilizer, Water, Disease, and Nematodes
  • Cost Savings
  • Agriculture

Root Growth

“The Country Club of Florida continues to work on root growth. Potash, magnesium and phosphorous are the required nutrients that continue to be an integral part of our fertilizer program. In combination with these nutrients, the HUMATE Ls helps us achieve root density and elongation up to 18 inches in the fairways and 10 inches on the greens. In addition to length, the most noticeable feature of the root system is an extremely large number of root hairs which creates a very fibrous mass.”

-Jeff Klontz, Superintendent
Country Club of Florida, Village of Golf, FL

We renovated and resprigged this year with Tifdwarf Bermuda. We incorporated HUMATE Ag6 into the top 5” of mix at 1, 2, and 3 pounds per cubic yard of soil. In just 7 weeks, the 2 and 3 pound rates produced a root mass and length I have never seen before. The root mass was 2-3 times that of the non-treated greens and the length was from 11-14”.

-Bill Plante, Superintendent
Greenview Cove Country Club, Wellington, FL

“I have used HUMATE Ag, Ls and Stress Reliever as the basis of my bentgrass greens program for several years. The soil on all my greens [some sand and some native soil] is light and porous and this is the first time in ten summers I have not had to core aerify. Also, despite the hottest, driest summer I can recall, the grass is tight and lush and I still have a 3 ½-4” root system in August.”

-John Johnson, Superintendent

Horseshoe Bend CC, Atlanta, GA“I first tried the combined HUMATE & BIOSYST program on an island green where I had less than 1” roots. Within 2 ½ weeks I had 3” roots with the microbes and 8” roots where I used HUMATE Ag and the microbes together.”

Clayton Estes, CGCS
TPC Prestancia, Sarasota, FL

“…we started on the HUMATE plus microbes program on our tees and greens. After the first month we reduced the amount of nitrogen to ½ pound and in the second month to ¼ pound per 1,000 sq. ft. Our tees and greens were a lot healthier, the roots went from ¾” to 3-5” and there was noticeably less disease. This past summer we installed a new irrigation system and some tees and greens went 3-4 weeks without water. The turf in areas where HUMATE and microbes had been used recovered twice as fast and was stronger than before. Starting in December we are going to use HUMATE plus microbes wall-to-wall.”

-James A. McQuern
Quail Run Golf Club, Naples, FL

“I will be applying HUMATE on all my greens when I overseed. An added benefit was 10-14” root systems that I found in the spring on the greens that had been treated. The greens that had not been treated had 4-6” roots.”

-Charlie Jarrell, Superintendent
Vista Royale Gold Club, Vero Beach, FL


We encourage you to review these and will be happy to discuss any questions and/or issues you may have.