BIOSYST Microbes.


A line of microbial products in dry-soluble form for infinite shelf life. These products are based upon mixtures of 15 to 20 species of soil microorganisms and the materials (enzymes, complex carbohydrates, etc.) required to support soil microbial populations.

Why use BIOSYST?

BIOSYST creates a balanced soil environment, promotes plant health, and corrects severe conditions such as algae, excess thatch, and black layer.

Application rates and frequency

Dissolve and spray the initial BIOSYST inoculation at 1.1 oz/1000 ft2 (35 g/100 m2) and flush to the root zone:

MS Annual Plus for normal conditions, or MS AQ-5 for algae, thatch, heavy soils, etc.
Optional extra for immediate stimulation:

Spray HUMATE Stress Reliever at 3 fl oz/1000 ft2 (100 mℓ/100 m2)and flush to the root zone. Repeat two weeks later at one-half the initial rate if required.

On-going program:
After one week, then Dissolve and spray BIOSYST MS Monthly-TC at 3/8 oz/1000 ft2 monthly during season (12.5 g/100 m2) and HUMATE Ls at 0.75-1.5 fl oz/1000 ft2 (25-50 mℓ/100 m2). NOTE: HUMATE Ls can also be applied monthly with soluble fertilizer applications.

Every 4-5 months Broadcast HUMATE Ag1635 at 5-10 lb/1000 ft2 (2.25-4.50 kg/100 m2) after mowing; water in.

Annually Apply BIOSYST inoculant as a booster if required.

As Required Apply various HUMATE and BIOSYST products for certain specific conditions, e.g.

  • Algae
  • Color
  • Disease
  • Dry spots/poor water movement
  • Nematodes
  • Thatch
Available Packaging
  • 1 pound increments